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LOGOS have three teaching centres at Manresa. Are located at Paseo de Passeig Pere III, 73, (mezzanine),at Avenida Bases de Manresa, 127 and at Carretera del Pont de Vilomara, 72..

All of them are equipped with the best resources for teaching.

The facilities at our Paseo Passeig Pere III centre are:

-A polyvalent room, with computers containing the most up-to-dates tests. You can also test yourselves “on paper”, outside the normal class times. We impart classes here for groups of up to 9 people.

- A classroom for classes on theory fully fitted for multimedia displays, and whose layout makes classes both dynamic and interactive.

-A classroom for small groups, where intive and reinforcing classes benefit from the closeness between pupils and teacher.

And at our centre at Avenida de las Bases de Manresa, we have

- Computers where our pupils can run the most up-to-date tests under the most innovative and accessible format.

- A classroom for theorics for bigger groups.

- A classroom for small groups, to ure full closeness and participation.



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