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LOGOS School of Driving offers:

The GUARANTEE of a system for acquiring the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge required for obtaining the driving lice. It is fully individualized and tutored and is giving outstanding results in the exams. It will also, beyond this, make you a very good driver.

FLEXIBILITY in timetables, class rhythms...
Do you need to attend classes in the mornings? In the afternoons? On Saturday? Or, you have only the midday available? Will you take the classes in Catalan? In Spanish? In English? Do you need strengthening your reading? Do you need to review the material in Russian? In Ukrainian? The driving lessons start at 7am and finish at 22pm.

Our EXPERIENCE in training drivers in Manresa enables us to offer you what you need and to give you the proper advice.

The BEST TEAM is at your service, with willingness and drive to help you achieve your goals.

The BEST RESOURCES: We integrate new teaching systems and the most up-to-date teaching resources. We also renew quite often our car fleet.

The best LOCATION: We have now Three centres, strategically located to provide wide area coverage and comprehive service at each of them. At the very heart of town, at the Bases de Manresa Avenue and also at Carretera del Pont de Vilomara.

And OUR GOAL: That you learn how to drive in the most proficient way, so that besides getting your driving lice you become a very good driver at the same time.



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